Augie Doggie (born August 21st) is a highly spirited pup who is motivated by ambition and the desire to make his father proud. He is typically seen wearing only a green shirt. Possessing some knowledge in science and the ability to converse with animals, Augie would often capitalize upon his father's foibles.

Augie Doggie is a Hanna-Barbera character. He was voiced by Daws Butler. Augie, who loved his father, would often refer to him as "dear old Dad." Augie has a talent for finding animals who are looking for a home.

He also cares for animals (such as Snagglepuss) and sometimes even bringing them home much to his fathers despise, and Augie most of the time gets to keep the animal at the end.


He is pertained as nice, loving, caring and highly spirited. He seems more-then-Less of a very intelligent Pup, as being smart at science. He cares for his father as well, and loves him very aswell, even if his father is mad at him sometimes. He would Often call his father dear old dad.

Often, Augie would try to impress his father, or bring home animals in any side, shape or form, much to his fathers despite, Augie would Sometimes shame his father for the actions he does. For example in the episode Watch Dog Augie Augie gets ashamed that his father won't let him be a watch dog (like him), however Doggie Daddy wants him to go to college. Despite this however, he eventually lets him be a watch dog. Unfortunately Doggie Daddy dresses as a burglar to scare Augie out of being a watch dog but Augie isn’t afraid of him and attempts to shoot at him (Not realizing it's actually his father in disguise) while at the same time augie Attents to shoot a real burglar who gets into the twos home to try and rob them.



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